Stone cladding

Stone cladding is a thin layer of real or simulated stone applied to a building or other structure.  Cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design.

Stone cladding is widely used in landscaped gardens and in the interiors to exude a feeling of warmth byStone cladding highlighting some walls. Itacts as a very good heat insulating layer which reduces the carbon footprint of the building. It acts as a neutral layer preventing any heat loss or heat gain in the building.
Stone wall cladding can provide the opportunity to add visual impact to an interior or exterior space. It’s also a cost-effective approach and durable material offering a great alternative to traditional stone pieces.
Natural stone is desirable in both indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer an authentic quality and helps to add depth to a room. Stone wall cladding wears the marking so thousands of years of formation. No two pieces of stone are the same and the imperfections of stone are embraced.