Natural Stonework is our speciality.

We are a Cape Town based company that not only specialises in natural stone work construction and supplying natural stone. We also do stone cladding, Gabions, and Mesh baskets at a very competitive price.

We have extensive working experience in all kinds of commercial developments, residential projects and upmarket estates. We have a passion for Natural Stone and are very knowledgeable in all new styles of decorative stone work.

Our natural stonework is done with 100% natural mountain stones and rocks that we break, shape and grout to suit our client’s needs.

We work with registered quarries in order to deliver the stones of your choice. Expert teams of stonemasons dress the stones into the desired sizes, after which the stones are transported to the site for fitting by our supervised fitting teams. We only work with the best quality stone in South Africa. We do not import any of our natural stone products.

APJ Stonework’s natural stonework selection provides different options of natural stone work and  cladding to existing walls. Natural stone cladding can be used on existing exterior and interior walls to modernise and rejuvenate the look and feel of your house or building.


Types of Natural Stone:

Table Mountain Sandstone, (light orange)natural stonework stairs
Table Mountain Sandstone, (dark white)
Table Mountain Sandstone, (dark white)
Lesotho Sandstone Tiles
Namibian Black Slate
Cape Granite, light with black spots
Cape Granite, light grey
River Boulders
Namibian Sandstone
Overberg Slate
Overberg Stone
Malmesbury Shale

Benefits of building with natural stonework.

Natural stone is extremely durable and resilient to wind, fire, water, rot and bugs. It’s maintenance free – there’s no painting, oiling or replacing to do and it’s very hard to damage. The oldest human built structures still standing on Earth are made of stone.

Natual stone is environmentally friendly because stone’s thermal mass provides natural insulation, which helps the planet and your energy bills. STONE HOUSES HAVE A HIGH RESALE VALUE. Natural Stone is an extremely durable building material. As an exterior surface, stone resists wear from wind, rain and ice. It also resists fading from the sun. Stone walls are also impervious to insect damage.

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