Gabion mesh basketsĀ are filled with rock on site to form flexible, permeable structures for erosion control and slope stability.

Mesh Basket Uses:

gabion mesh basketsUsed in internal and external architecture as well as civil engineering applications. Gabions are dry-packed stone walls contained neatly within wire mesh baskets. Rather than having to hand-dress large, heavy stones in order to painstakingly build watertight structures, packing rock into mesh baskets creates a slightly looser and lighter feel that has a softer and more natural effect in a landscape, allowing water to pass through freely.

Wire baskets are stacked and linked together like building blocks. The art of constructing these walls lies in the skillful packing of the rock to give a neat facing finish and a stable construction. Their substantial weight when filled makes them a formidable barrier. As opposed to a brick and mortar wall, once a gabion wall is in place there is little to no maintenance required.

gabion mesh baskets